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A ministry of Seagoville Road Baptist Church
Dr. Preston Henderson, Pastor

  Balch Springs Christian Academy has been established as an educational ministry of Seagoville Road Baptist Church. It is our purpose to train Christian leaders. We believe that it is the moral obligation of the church to train our children spiritually and academically. We believe that all subjects taught in school are within the framework of God's Word. The courses of reading, writing, and arithmetic are essentials for successful Christian leaders. We will guide the students with God's help to a mastery of these subjects. God says in I Corinthians 14:40, "Let all things be done decently and in order." Thus, Balch Springs Christian Academy shall be run according to God's standards.

  Because we are training future Christian leaders, we will highly encourage our students to attend fundamental, Bible-believing colleges and universities. We want every parent who enrolls his children in our school to fully understand our purpose in starting Balch Springs Christian Academy. All students are required to have an original King James version of the Bible. No other translation will be acceptable for verse memorization and Bible classes.

  Attendance at B.S.C.A. is a priviledge, not a right. Please read the Student Handbook with your children prior to scheduling an appointment for enrollment. Adminstration reserves the right to refuse admission to any potential student. B.S.C.A. is not equipped for students with special needs.

  Students in grades 5 and above may participate in our sports program. All athletes are required to have a physical each year. The sports fee allows students to participate in any of the team sports BSCA competes in - there is not a separate fee for each team.

  Girls interested in cheerleading must attend cheer camp and tryouts. Costs for this extra-curricular activity include uniforms, cheer gear, cheer camp, tryout fees. Fundraisers are held to help offset some of these expenses.

  BSCA has a strict "no pass, no play" policy. Students are required to maintain passing grades in order to continue participation in extra-curricular activities.

  Balch Springs Christian Academy is not a charter school.  We neither receive nor desire any funds from the Federal, state, or local government.  We are a private Christian school operated under our local church.


Our Philosophy:

*We believe that Balch Springs Christian Academy exists to assist parents in the training of their children, not to replace the parents.  However, we want each parent to be fully aware of our philosophy. 
Balch Springs Christian Academy has been established as a part of the educational ministry of Seagoville Road Baptist Church.  We believe that it is our obligation to train our children academically as well as spiritually.  It is our desire to train Christian leaders. 

*All subjects taught in school are taught within the framework of God's Word.  The core classes taught are essential in developing successful Christian leaders.  With God's help, we will guide the students to competent performance and for those who desire it, mastery of these subjects.  In keeping with our philosophy, we will encourage all of our students to attend fundamental, Bible believing colleges, universities, and institutes. 

Our goals are:

*To work with a small number of dedicated, motivated staff that will endeavor to be a proper example to the students in all areas of life
*To be an extension of our Church and the Christian home
*To seek to lead each student to Christ, first for salvation, and then for his source of guidance and strength in all areas of life
*To provide and maintain an environment that will be most effective in the continuing, purposeful, Biblical training of the child
*To provide an environment of academic excellence
*To provide each student with the opportunity  to achieve his goals and to excel
*To teach loyalty, love, & respect and defense of our homes, families, churches, communities, our country, and its symbols.  We seek to unite the home, church, and school.

Why A Christian Education?

*The Bible commands it, for God's children.
*To protect children from instruction that could cause them to err
*To help develop an appetite for true knowledge & wisdom
*To help develop godly character
*To prevent our children from being taught by non-christians
*To prevent the teaching of vain philosophies
*To endeavor to teach our children to walk with God
*To teach our children that their heritage and their future are in God and the Bible
*Children are entrusted to the parents by God, not by civil government
*To allow the parent to retain control of their children's education

  A Christ-centered education is a plus at B.S.C.A.  Each staff member is a believer in Christ, attends His church, and is in His calling upon his life.  They are charged with helping the parents, the Pastor, and the administration with offering their best to each child, and in helping to provide an education that will honor Christ.

  We do offer a high standard of academics that will encourage students to think clearly, logically, and independently.  We endeavor to instruct children in spiritual matters as they are set forth in the Bible.  We seek to build character through the use of consistent application of Biblical principles and constant Christian discipline.  This, the Bible teaches us, will enable them to live upright, stable, productive lives.

"Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
                                                   Proverbs 22:6